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3 Ways to Steal a Few Precious Minutes

Posted by Lisa Banks on

TV and videos can be great for distracting your kids. But let’s face it, nobody wants to turn their kids into couch potatoes.

Still, managing time for phone calls, emails and other daily necessities are a challenge. How do other moms get by without relying solely on videos? Here are some tips that could help you steal a few precious minutes to get something important done:

  • Keep special toys for those times when you absolutely have to get something done without interruption. Pull them out only  when needed. For us, the golden toy is an iPod Touch.
  • Look for a like-minded mom in your neighborhood, so you can swap baby-watching time: you take hers for an hour when she really needs it, and then yours can go play at her house when you are desperate. Just agree on some ground rules beforehand to ensure neither feels taken advantage of.
  • If you have one activity you know your child will be distracted with each day (for example, if you can count on him or her to be engrossed in coloring for 10 minutes), plan to get your task done then. You could even build this into your routine each day. As your child knows what to expect from your routine, they will be more comfortable with your making phone calls during that time.

Managing extra time isn’t easy for any parent, even if you feel sometimes like everyone else has it figured out.

What do you do to keep your kids entertained while you get to something that just can’t wait?


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