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A trick for a too-big hat

Posted by Benedict Chude on

My baby wore his big brother's hat

My baby wore his big brother's hat. With just a flip of the front, my 4-year-old's hat fit my baby!

Yesterday, I grabbed the wrong size hat as I headed out with my baby for a walk in the chilly morning air. My baby is just one year old. He’s small, with his head circumference measuring in the 15th percentile (he was born 6 weeks early). My older son has a gigantic head, it seems. Putting my four-year-old son’s hat on my baby just seemed ridiculous. It’s sized for 3-10 year olds! You see, an earflap hat– also called an aviator hat – doesn’t have the type of rim that you might roll up, like many of our baby beanie hats do. That’s because it has earflaps, and also tassels to tie those flaps under the chin. Great for keeping little ears warm. Not so great for adjusting if the size is too big. Or so you would think.

How I got the big hat to stay put on my little guy

Well, since we were already out of the house when I discovered I had the wrong hat, I figured I would see what I could do. I simply pulled the hat back so his face showed, tied the tassels under his chin, and then flipped up the front. And guess what! It stayed that way for our entire 30 minute walk, with only two little adjustments along the way! (Despite the fact he is one of those babies who likes to pull his hat off every two minutes.)

Top view of the earflap hat design

Sweet swirls create texture on top of this earflap hat design[/caption] Sweet, unexpected details By the way, the photos on the website don’t show the top or back view of the hat. The gorgeous detail on the top is so cute! Besides being scrumptiously soft, this Chizipoms organic cotton earflap hat is now one that both my sons can wear.

A note about sizing

Chizipoms recommends you measure your child’s head before selecting your size, and then check the size chart for each hat. That’s the best way to make sure the hat you order fits your child properly. But I have found thatChizipoms hats fit well beyond the stated ages, too. My full-grown sister could wear my son’s apple hat, and my one year old still wears his 3-6 months sized stocking hat (though the rim is snug). The combination of great design with soft, pure organic cotton knits makes aChizipoms hat easy to wear, long lasting, and extremely versatile.


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