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Baby Hats That Will Stay On

Posted by Benedict Chude on

I started out making baby hats when my baby girl was born. She was my first model, and because she started out wearing them early, she quickly got used to them and rarely complained about having to wear one. In fact, one of her first words was “too small”, because every time she asks to put on a hat I'm making for sale, I tell her it's too small, not her size.

Things haven’t changed much now that she is two, and she has a real fetish for all the hats she sees. I promise, if I didn’t hide the new hats I make from her, she would be on to them in a second and trying them on one by one. So these days all products for sale are faithfully hidden away till they are bought!

Thinking back, I guess one of the reasons why she was able to get used to having a hat on her head, was simply because it stayed on firmly. Most of our designs come with earflaps like the early ones I made for my little baby. That makes it easy to tie the hat firmly under the chin, so that it doesn’t move, obstruct your child’s vision or become in any way a hindrance to a child’s play. Just having it there all the time they are in exposed or changeable conditions, gives kids a degree of comfort, and I’m pretty sure that my daughter loves hats for this reason.

Of course hats are used to protect your child’s head from cold or other conditions, but I have rarely seen kids who want to keep them on. If your child is happy to have some sort of protective covering on all the time, this can be a big blessing, making your child less likely to fall sick after outdoor events in exposed areas when the weather isn’t the kind you’d write home about! Sun exposure can be just as dangerous as cold and wintry conditions.

Here's a picture from Jody. She sent this picture of her daughter DD on her new beanie hat: She wrote "I absolutely LOVE this! I wish DD would leave it on, but I'm training her :) "

Keep on training Jody. Getting a hat that stays on is worth a try. It could make your life as a parent that much easier.


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