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Choosing an outfit for your baby’s first photo session

Posted by Benedict Chude on

Newborn photos are a wonderful keepsake. But it can be hard to get everything right so the process goes smoothly.

Your little one will likely have no idea what’s going on and may even sleep right through most of it. At the other end of the possibilities, she might be screaming and colicky.

One aspect of your newborn’s photo session you can control, though, is what he or she is wearing. Here are some ideas for baby photo outfits beyond the pink tutu or necktie:

Animal outfits – Your little bundle may remind you of a snuggly teddy bear. How adorable would it be to dress him up like a little cub? If you love cats, your little princess might look sweet in a soft kitten costume.

Nothing but a cute baby hat – going without clothing emphasizes your baby’s newness to the world. A cute baby hat can add a pop of personality and color to the pictures. (Check out this adorable baby girl hat and this snappy apple hat for a boy to get some ideas).

Just remember, any clothing you choose for your newborn’s photo session should be comfortable. Don’t take chances with a beautiful frilly dress that looks adorable but has scratchy fabric.

And make sure you have a couple alternative outfits also ready. You never know when a major diaper blowout or spit up could strike!


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