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Colors For All My Cute Customers

Posted by Lisa Banks on

We all have our color preferences, and most parents gravitate firmly towards choosing blue for their boys and pink for their girls. But it’s never that simple, is it? Personally, I love seeing my little girl in blue baby hats. Color preferences are usually based on fashion trends in society and tradition. Chizipoms hats come in neutral colors precisely because of these changeable factors.

I’ve been quite firm about choosing neutral colors myself, because of the many advantages that I can see in using them. Firstly, I never have issues with matching it to my daughter’s clothes. Secondly, this is especially useful if you are planning on having another baby, so that your first child’s hand-me-downs will come in really handy.

The latest Chizipoms hats incorporate new colors and I plan to provide my customers with even more options. I constantly hear from interested customers who ask for one new color or another, but especially the more neutral shades. Some of the newer options in designs that you will find are hats which sport two or more colors such as blue, pink and a neutral shade like white. These can be pretty good since they can be matched with clothes of three different colors!

I am always happy to hear about your needs and preferences, so go ahead and let me know your opinions. It’s always a pleasure when I have satisfied customers. You are invited to place custom orders for products too, so that your sweetheart gets the hat you like. There are all kinds of neutral shades out there for you to choose from and you could select one that suits your baby’s skin coloration too. Stay tuned and look out for fresh offers and color suggestions on this site and in the newsletter. So till next time, keep in touch, and keep writing in!


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