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How a Routine Helps Stay-at-Home - Moms Manage Time

Posted by Lisa Banks on

Time as you once knew it is gone.

Young children need constant, hands-on care. Nursing and meals. Going to the potty. Getting dressed. Reading and playing. They look to you to make everything happen.

It’s not easy to get to the everyday grownup things – like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, returning phone calls, responding to emails. Even showering can seem impossible.

I can tell you, in my first few months (perhaps even years?) as a mom, I tried to get through the day just focusing on my son. I’d wait impatiently for my husband to come home before thrashing together a meal in the kitchen, grabbing a rushed shower, and washing the day’s dishes. Cleaning had to wait til the weekend, which cut into our family time.

Then there comes a point when you realize things just have to continue on. Not all phone calls can wait til evening. Clothes have to be ironed before everyone runs out of things to wear.

For some, the answer is having a routine. Doing specific things at certain times of the day so your day progresses in a predictable manner makes it both easier on your kids and on you.

I’m not so regimented that I can always remember to work in the big things, like that pile of shirts needing to be pressed. But there are parts of the day that always go pretty much the same now. Trying my best to stick to this general routine has helped me get things done that I never would have if I didn’t have a structure.

So by lunchtime I have worked in three grownup things that must be done (shower, clean bathroom, wash dishes)!

That’s what works for us. Do you have a particular routine for your day that helps you get things done?


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