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Kids’ animal themed hats – how to make the most of the trend

Posted by Benedict Chude on

With the bounty of kids’ animal themed hats around these days, it’s starting to feel like a jungle out there. Online children’s hat retailers are pushing them. They pop up on daily deal sites regularly. Animal hats for kids can even be found on the shelves of many major retailers.

Here’s how to choose the right one for your child.

Go for timeless design in the animal hat you choose

There’s just something a bit extreme about the animal hats making the rounds this year. Maybe it’s that many of them have complete animal faces on them, making it look like your kid has an extra set of eyes and ears on top of her head.

Bear ears hats have been around as long as mommies have thought it was cute to imagine their offspring as chubby, cuddly baby bear cubs. The traditional animal hats just had ears, letting a baby or child’s face take the spotlight.

If you want to buy an animal hat that will last beyond the current fad, go for one with the classic, timeless look of simple ears or eyes on top.

Focus on quality construction for a hat that keeps its good looks

I’m a hat snob now that I’ve tried out a few Chizipoms hats.

A photographer who took some shots of our newborn showed up with her own little animal ears hat as a potential prop. But next to the one I brought, it looked sad and worn.

I’m sure it was adorable by normal hat standards, but after becoming used to the quality construction of Chizipoms hats, I can’t go back.

Many of the quickly made fad hats look drab and dingy after a few wears. Chizipoms animal hats wash wonderfully right in your washing machine. And because they’re constructed using high-quality techniques and materials, they will last and last.

Tell me, have you picked out an animal themed hat for your child? What sort of animal hat did you go for? And how is it living up to your expectations? Let’s talk hats here.


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