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Meet Lisa, a new blogger at Chizipoms!

Posted by Benedict Chude on

We’d like you to meet Lisa Banks, a fellow mom and blogger who’s teamed up with us to bring you lots of great content on our baby hats blog.

Lisa is mom to Rohan, an ever-evolving two-and-a-half year old boy – and future mom to a new little one due mid-November. She thought her first was going to be a girl. (Growing up with only sisters, what on earth would she do with a boy?! There’s no way it could be a boy. So of course it was a boy.)

She’s thinking perhaps this next one will be a girl. (Does that mean it will be a boy, too?) Knowing it can take a long time to get into a comfortable parenting groove, Lisa is looking forward to sharing tips and time savers she’s learned, interesting new ways of thinking about common parenting topics, and hilarious mishaps that you can probably identify with completely. Lisa often relies on her husband to get through the day—and night—as she works from home writing copy for businesses.

Married for 4 years to Sameer, and up to her ears in trucks, trains, airplanes, and other “things that go”—Lisa is still figuring out how to weave culture from his home country India into their family life in Florida successfully. With no close relatives living nearby (Lisa’s family is in Eastern Canada), they are a tight family unit facing the same challenges of many young families in today’s super-mobile American society. Join us in giving Lisa a warm welcome!


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