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New Arrival: 3 poms hats

Posted by Benedict Chude on

Why stop at a 2 pom pom hat when you can have 3 pom pom hat! That’s exactly what we thought when designing 2 of our latest addition beanie hats. Let’s be honest nothing is more adorable than a sweet hand-knit beanie hat with a pom pom on top – except for a beanie hat with a pom pom on top AND a pom pom dangling from either side of the cutest ear flaps!  

We love to make our customers happy that’s why we added a second 3 pom pom style just for you! This alternate style 3 pom pom hat has stripes, topped with a pom pom and has braided tassels each ending with a pom pom for you to tie or simply leave for added style. 

Both 3 pom pom hats are sure to become an instant classic among our winter hat collection and for very good reasons. They are ultra lightweight, unbelievably comfortable, warm and soft plus they are hand knit in a variety of gorgeous colors from 100% organic cotton.


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