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Speaking of Flower Hats

Posted by Benedict Chude on

At Chizipoms, we offer three types of flower hats:

1. Crochet flower hat
2. Flower visor hat
3. Flower stocking hat.

The crochet flower hat is great for any time of the year. Whether it is hot or cold, you will simply love them. A variation is one with the silk flower. This is especially made for your babies to wear during summer and spring. It is also a typical hat for any special occasion. We also have the shell style crochet hat with big silk peony flowers on it. It is available in different colors that will mix and match any clothing that your child puts on.

For our flower visor hats, get ready to be mesmerized by an array of assortments. Each beanie visor is finished with flowers of different colors. It is ideal for any occasion. Your little girl will definitely want one to complement with her outfit.

Not to forget the flower stocking hats in our product line. Ours are made from organic cotton. We have created them to match the requirements of winter. The flower adds up to the aesthetics of the hat.

Whatever your baby's style is, one of these types will be the perfect flower hat to match any occasion and weather condition.


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