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The Cutest Customers on the Planet

Posted by Lisa Banks on

Wow! There’s another wonderful photograph in my mail today and it’s from one of my customers who lives in the mountains. I know because you can see them in the pic. But what’s a mountain? It’s that cute baby’s face, framed by one of my new winter Beanie Design baby hats that lights up the frame! It’s just so great getting all your photographs. They make me so happy. It feels really good to know that my products are being appreciated and used…

If you are reading this, then you probably know that I’ve been producing these hats for some time now. It was my hobby and now I have the pleasure of actually seeing you and your family actually wearing my creations. That’s like real encouragement for me. This blog was created specially for you wonderful people so that we can keep in touch and I can post the pictures you send me. Remember, I’ll be looking for those memorable snaps of your kids, so do keep sending them in.

Happy customers

All the baby hats that I produce are originals. I use designs that are part traditional but with a lot of modern elements to them, so they are all one of a kind. That’s why this baby headgear really stands out from all the rest. The other difference is that my hats are all handmade. I think they are all the more attractive because of the handmade look and feel. I’m sure you agree that your kids have headgear that’s unique and different from other kids in the area.

Thanks for keeping in touch and letting me have a tiny peep into your lives. Keep sending in those little snapshots of those cute little faces in their warm Beanie Design hats. And keep taking a look here on this site for new pictures. That way you are going to be in touch with me, and my designs as well.


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