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Why we love organic cotton for our baby hats

Posted by Lisa Banks on

While some might consider it an unnecessary splurge, other parents feel good knowing their babies aren’t wearing pesticides and harsh dyes. Many also say that natural fabrics like high-quality organic cotton and bamboo also feel better to the touch, naturally softer and gentler on tender baby skin.

One company that is dedicated to impacting the world for the better through organic clothing is Fashion & Earth. Here in a write-up called Green Fashion Facts, the company calls out the dramatic effects that traditional clothing production holds for our health and future quality of life.

If you’ve considered organic clothing for your baby (like our organic baby hats!) you may identify with these points in particular:

  • Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pesticides since they have a proportionally larger skin surface than adults. Their skin is more permeable and their livers less efficient in ridding the body of harmful substances. (Pesticides can be passed along in a mother’s milk, through contact with a floor that has traces of pesticides from someone’s shoes, from clothing, boiled and pureed foods, and so on.)
  • 11% of the world's pesticides and 24% of the world’s insecticides are used in making conventional cotton. These chemicals leach into drinking water—and I expect they remain in the cotton clothing we wear over the years. (Who knew that even a “natural” fabric could be harmful to the environment!)
  • There are plenty of alternatives for safer baby clothing, such as organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, Tencel, silk, and bamboo.

While we’re on the topic, 3 new studies have just come out linking pesticide exposure in expecting moms to cognitive delays in their children. While the studies seem to be talking mostly about eating non-organic produce (rather than wearing it!), it’s one more reason to try to “be organic” as much as we can, right?

So, what about you? Do you prefer organic clothing for your baby?


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