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The ultimate mom phone – part II – top contenders

Posted by Benedict Chude on

Last Friday we listed the must-have features of a good mom phone. Today, let’s look at the top 3 platform contenders for the title of Ultimate Mom Phone: iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. All 3 smartphone platforms let you use apps (even Skype), access the Internet and email, send texts, take and upload pictures, and offer easy typing. Choosing the ultimate mom phone may come down to your personal preference for things such as keyboard, camera quality, and mobile phone carrier. Either way, here are some things you should know about each before you select your ultimate mom phone. iPhone Most moms seem...

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Should I wait to teach reading to my child?

Posted by Benedict Chude on

Does it seem to you that we try to lead our children through every developmental stage? Perhaps sometimes even before they’re ready? Teaching babies to read, specifically, has garnered a lot of controversy. Parents who aren’t jumping on the bandwagon to teach reading skills to their infants are left wondering whether they’re doing their children a disservice. Will their child suffer later in school as more of their peers learn to read early? Is it true that under five is really the best time to teach a child to read? What will happen if I don’t teach my child to read...

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Practicing safe online shopping

Posted by Benedict Chude on

As people are actively price shopping online, there are also more retailers out there offering goods for sale. How can you know when you’re safe shopping on a website if you’ve never heard of it before? Here are a few tips to practice safe shopping online and help avoid conundrums such as having your credit card information leaked or not receiving products you ordered: Once you enter the checkout process, look for a URL that starts with HTTPS. This signifies that the connection with the server is secure, and the information you submit will be kept from prying eyes during its...

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Buy it from a WAHM

Posted by Benedict Chude on

Chizipoms was founded by a work-at-home mom (WAHM) Yacine Diop. So, as you can imagine, she has a soft spot for other moms working to create great products and offer them to the world. WAHM-owned businesses are a small retail niche that not a lot of people know about yet. You’ve probably already been encouraged to “buy it local”. But what about buying it from a WAHM? Why buy from a WAHM? Several reasons make it very attractive to buy from a WAHM. Work-at-home moms often bring a touch of quality to their products you won’t find from big corporations....

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How to find stores run by a WAHM

Posted by Benedict Chude on

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If you are looking to support a work-at-home mom (WAHM) business, online is probably the best place to start, as most don’t operate a physical storefront.

For a WAHM, her website, like Yacine’s Chizipoms baby hats website, is likely to be the primary spot where she serves her customers and provides her wares.

But most WAHMs don’t have the resources and deep pockets to conduct a lot of website marketing, like larger companies do, making it hard for them to show up in broad search queries on Google.

Even if you search on “WAHM baby hats” for example, you may not see a neat and simple list of work-at-home moms who knit baby hats for sale.

So, you may need to do a little sleuthing to find the WAHM who is going to wow you with her unique products and out-of-this-world customer attention.

Some places to find WAHM-run stores online:

First of all, think up new ways to use Google. Try using “handmade” in your search query (“handmade baby hats” instead of “WHAM baby hats”, for example).

Then check out directories of WAHM businesses, like these:

WAHM Businesses listed on

WAHMS Online

Mom-owned stores listed on 5 Minutes for Mom

Who’s that WAHM – a directory by business/product category that lists WAHMs by name (and links to their websites)

Look around, a marketplace for all things handmade and where many mom businesses offer their products to the world.

Even social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like are great places to look. These social sites create the ideal environment for small businesses to meet and get to know new customers.

One word as you’re shopping: When you land on a WAHM’s website, be sure to read the “About” page to learn who you’re buying from and who is making your item.

And please don’t forget the basics of security when buying online. A good WHAM retailer will abide by these best practices to help keep your shopping online safe.

Do you have a WAHM experience to share?

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