About Us

How we began

At Chizipoms, we only have one mission. To create the most comfortable, beautiful baby hats you can find, anywhere in the world.  

That mission started when the founder, Yacine Diop's husband, taught her to crochet. What started as a hobby found its soul when they had their first daughter, and that resulted in a set of crocheted hats that had friends and family cooing and asking if they could get one of their own.

 It only snowballed from there. From the early days of working out of living rooms and fulfilling each order individually, we've slowly expanded,  assembling a team of talented, hand picked artists here in the U.S. and around the world to keep up with the growing demands for our sweet baby hat designs. 

Our team

Each of our artists is chosen because they share our vision: to create the most beautiful baby hats on the market, each handmade with love, to our own absolute standards of quality and perfection. Now we carry a wide selection of adorable baby hats, all handmade with care and made with personally sourced and exceptionally soft yarns.

Giving back is a key ethos of ours, so we're proud that Chizipoms is able to help enrich the lives of other stay-at-home-moms who love to knit. Our knitters are primarily work-at-home-moms and dads who share our devotion to creating sweet baby hat designs. Our production overseas is overseen by a husband and wife team from England who are helping bring well-paying jobs to parents who knit at home to support their families. On top of this, we make sure to train every artist in our proprietary knitting techniques to help build skills for all our knitters and ensure consistent quality across all our products.

Our products

From the dreaming stage of design to the hands-on process of creating beautiful beanies, every baby hat we offer on this site meets our uncompromising standards: For quality of material, superior construction, aesthetics and comfort in the design.

Crocheting is more than a business to us. It's our passion, and we know that passion comes across in every single unique hat we make.  We love what we do, and we know that once our beanies are in your hands, or sitting pretty on your newborn pride and joy's head, you will too.

On behalf of everyone at Chizipoms, thank you for joining us on our journey, and helping our vision come to life.