T.V Debut

Chizipoms on tv

Catch the popular Chizipoms baby girl hat on the Lifetime hit series Army Wives

Army Wives’ character Molly Sherwood, newborn infant to actress Catherine Bell’s character, Denise, showed up in season five on the Lifetime hit series wearing her organic lace beanie hat from exclusive baby hat designer Chizipoms.

Molly appears wearing the signature Chizipoms lace beanie hat in episode ten, season five. The camera focuses on the little girl for an instant, showing her happily snuggled in one of Chizipoms’ most popular infant hats for girls. This marks the TV debut of the retailer’s baby girl hats, which have already garnered a cult following of moms and babies around the world.

Yacine Diop, Chizipoms’ owner and designer of the company’s baby hats, comments, “We were thrilled when the wardrobe department for Army Wives contacted us. Our infant hats are designed for comfort in sweet styles that melt hearts, and we have customers and fans around the world. But this is the first time one of our baby girl hats appeared in a TV show. We were simply delighted, to say the least.”