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Visor Cap Hats Style Description

Visor Cap Hats Style

If your baby could talk, he might say, “take me out to the ball game, in one of Beanie Design’s visor beanie hats!” The latest in fashionable baby wear, handmade knitted and crocheted visor baby hats make a style statement that charms and delights. Blending comfort and protection for your baby’s beautiful eyes, Beanie Design’s adorable visor hats lend themselves perfectly to every occasion, an afternoon outing at the park, brunch at Grandma’s, even a breezy summer day at the beach.

The hallmarks of Beanie Design’s original 100% organic hand knit and crocheted baby hats are soft, supple yarn construction, classic time-honored design and beautiful, radiant color. If it touches your baby’s delicate, tiny head, it must be a Beanie Design for maximum protection and quality. Our popular visor hats add flair and playfulness to the face framing beauty of our creations, shading those little peepers while crowning your little prince or princess with soft, handmade perfection.


Fun as well as functional, Beanie Design visor beanies are adaptable for any weather. During winter months, a generous hand knit cable stitch visor hat, typically constructed with a tighter, closer weave, ensures your little one’s delicate noggin is protected and surrounded in a warm cocoon of soft, pliable high quality woven yarn. In addition, his eyes are shaded by the adorable visor as he accompanies you on delightful downhill sled ride. In the summer, a trip to the beach might find your baby sporting a lovely hand crocheted open weave visor beanie, perfect for protecting against ocean breezes but not too warm as the visor protects those peepers from the rays of the sun. Besides superior construction by master crafters in the age-old art of knitting and crochet, Beanie Design’s beanies are also distinguished by the dazzling array of color and pattern that is woven into the unique design of each of these exquisite baby hats.


A wide array of patterns include the classic grace of shell crocheted designs, cable stitched knits and open weave lace stitches. Paired with the newest in baby rompers or one of your little doll’s favorite onesies, these fanciful visor designs bring your baby’s style statement together in charming fashion. Colors of the rainbow knitted through with whimsical accents, stripes, polka dots and popular color blocks set off each style, making it a unique and one of a kind designer addition to your little one’s wardrobe. Beanie Design crafters construct our creations with versatility in mind, ensuring that our visor hats fill the bill during any season, and for a variety of children. It is a given that these gorgeous visor beanie hats will become treasured heirlooms, worn again and again by subsequent generations of little ones. Visor beanies are popular with older kids also, and can be found topping off outfits from nurseries to pre-schools, even into high schools everywhere. What’s cuter than a lovely teenage girl in the latest high fashion jeans and jacket, sporting a whimsical handknit visor hat in brilliant shade of denim blue? Shop beanie visor hats