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Why a Chizipoms baby hat is the best quality you can buy for your baby

Just in case you’ve ever wondered how we can provide consistently high-quality hats that are all handmade, here’s a look at how we do it.

Soft, organic yarns

Some customers order our hats for their kids because of the cute designs and then are surprised by just how soft they are.

We’re parents, too, so we know a hat has to be comfortable and soft. This is on our minds as we source the highest quality, softest yarns produced organically. And because the yarns we start with are organic, you can also rest assured the end product is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Hand knitted with organic cotton for breathability

Our knitting and crocheting techniques, in addition to the natural fibers in the yarn, allow our hats to keep your baby’s head warm while letting air circulate. That’s why our hats are suitable all year round, anytime you want to dress up your baby or protect his or her head.

Acrylic yarns, on the other hand, don’t make for very soft baby hats. Unfortunately, most knitted children’s hats out there use acrylic. So your baby ends up with a hot, scratchy head.

Many of the stretchy headbands and mesh girls hats we make are created using acrylic, but you’ll notice they are smooth fibers and always have a very open weave that lets in air.

Handmade by skilled knitters using Chizipoms' proprietary techniques

When you think of something as being handmade, often you don’t think of it as being able to match the consistent perfection of machine made products.

But over the years, founder and designer Yacine Diop has worked very hard creating in-house knitting and crocheting techniques to make our hats look as close to perfect as possible.

In her words, “We have searched out experienced knitters and crocheters who are very talented, and I have focused on finding techniques to hide the imperfections that go along with handcrafted items, regardless of that skill.

We changed the way we made some styles more than 5 times because I kept coming up with ways to hide certain things like the sewing where the hat comes together or the alignment where the yarn color changes.”

Hands just can’t be as accurate as machines, but training our knitters in the techniques we’ve developed over the years helps ensure consistency from hat to hat.

Inspected for quality and consistency

Due to Yacine’s diligent focus on creating quality hats, even ones that may appear perfect to others often don’t pass her inspection and make it into our inventory.

So no matter which Chizipoms hat you choose, you can be sure you’re getting a special handmade item knitted with love especially for you and your little one to cherish.